Minnie My Key Chain Bow


Minnie My Key Chain Bow is made from 2.25" ribbon and glitter vinyl. You can make it in any colors you would like.

Important Notes:

Choose your background ribbon. This will be the color of the lines on the side of the bow as well as all the polka dots and the word at the bottom right tail. In the picture, this is where all the white shows through the glitter.

Choose your glitter color. This will be the strips on each sides of the bow and the bow on Minnie. In the picture, this is everything that is red. The bow can be made in another color by requesting a Custom Order. An additional charge may apply.

Minnie will be in black. This can be changed by requesting a Custom Order.

PLEASE NOTE: All grosgrain only bows are sprayed with a stiffener. When you receive your bow, it will be stiff. As the bow is worn, it will loosen up but still hold it's shape. If you do not wish to have the bow sprayed, please indicate so in Special Instructions.

BlingNBoutique keychain cheer bows are handmade to order from 2.25" grosgrain ribbon and various types fabric strips and measure approximately 5" x 5".

Orders of 10 or more may require additional processing time.

Interested in creating your own CUSTOM BOW or want a quote for a TEAM ORDER? Submit the appropriate information through Contact Us link above. 

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